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John King is the author of ten novels – The Football Factory, Headhunters, England Away, Human Punk, White Trash, The Prison House, Skinheads, The Liberal Politics Of Adolf Hitler, Slaughterhouse Prayer and London Country – and two novellas – The Beasts Of Brussels and Grand Union.

Short stories have appeared in various anthologies, as well as non-fiction in newspapers and magazines. He runs the fiction journal Verbal; edits the London Classics imprint, published by London Books; puts on Human Punk nights at the 100 Club. John’s hobbies include drinking in public houses.
Adaptation based on  Slaughterhouse Prayer with producer Ben Richards.

Machine Elves Descending
– long short story for New Worlds 2 collection. 

The Prison House album with Leigh Heggarty of Ruts DC. 

Novella for author-focus anthology to include fiction, non-fiction, interview.
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London Country

Latest novel featuring familiar faces from Human Punk, White Trash and Skinheads – Joe Martin, Ruby James, Ray English – plus the scorching sounds of the Herbert Hi-Fi.

Grand Union

Second novella Grand Union. One third of The View From Poacher’s Hill with stories by Irvine Welsh and Alan Warner.


Issue 9 currently on sale. Issue 10 now in production.

Books, Films & Punk Rock

John and Irvine Welsh in conversation at Rebellion Festival, Blackpool, on Thursday, August 1st, 2024. Hosted by Dominic Warwick.

Cream Of The Crop

Bookstall and signing at all-day event featuring twelve bands and the Boots & Braces marketplace. Saturday, October 12th, 2024.

Human Punk 2024

Sham 69, The Professionals, Knock Off, Tear Up, Johnny Moped, The Price, Special Duties, The Deckchairs, Denizens, The Pack and many others.

Road Runner

The Meteors, JS & The Lockerbillies and The Boo Tikis plus extended DJ sets. JK Herbert rockabilly sessions. A Human Punk meets Wheels & Wax collaboration. More nights to come.

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