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Verbal is a small-press publication that John edits and publishes dedicated to new fiction from beyond the mainstream. Each issue includes short stories and a focus interview with a contemporary author, plus occasional lyrics, illustrations and non-fiction.  

Issue 9

Martin Knight interview – justice, cancel culture, Barry Desmond. Craig Morriss on Kafka, Camus, Orwell, Fallada. Allan Kausch cut-up special. New fiction from Garry Bushell, Michael Crowley, ian cusack, Cara Hoffman, Kevin Tosca. Paul Willetts talks Julian Maclaren-Ross. Cover by Jamie Macdonald. A5, 52pp.

Issue 8

Alan Sillitoe Special. Interview and essay by Alan, poems from Ruth Fainlight, plus short stories by three writers inspired by his books – Martin Knight, Cathi Unsworth and Michael Crowley. Non-fiction from Harry Knight and Bill Sharpe, plus specially produced illustrations by the artist Craig Morriss.  A5, 52pp.

Issue 7

David Peace interview – new work, the Red Riding novels, Damned Utd and the transmission process of writing. Stories from Koushik Banerjea, Gerald Kersh, Anthony Mason, Marianne Peyronnet, Ben Richards and Sally Thomas. Poetry by Russ Litten. Talking Music with Lee Wilson – Made In England. A5, 52pp.

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Issue 6

Who put Bella in the witch elm? Cathi Unsworth interviewed. Suedehead poetry from Tim Wells and new fiction from Koushik Banerjea, Paul Duncan, Michael Keenaghan, Martin Knight and Joseph Ridgwell. Talking Books with Peter Mason – The Brown Dog Affair. Allan Kausch cover: Dogboy Slate. A5, 52pp.

Issue 5
Stewart Home interview – ‘Quick, clean and efficient since 1962’. Fiction from Koushik Banerjea, Robert Ciesla, Allan Kausch, Michael Keenaghan and Cathi Unsworth. Lyrics by Infa-Riot wordsmith Lee Wilson. Talking Books – Martin Knight on Battersea Girl. A5, 52pp.

Issue 4  

Like Real Life – Dan Fante talks about his life and books, and his links to father John, Charles Bukowski and Hubert Selby Jr. Stories by Koushik Banerjea, Garry Bushell, Joe England, Pete Haynes, Allan Kausch, Russ Litten and Cathi Unsworth. Lyrics from JC Carroll. Mash-Up Number 2. A5, 52pp.

Issue 3 

God Bless Punk: Irvine Welsh interview – the joys of British music and American literature, and the evil of Jimmy Savile. New fiction from Martin Knight, Michael Keenaghan, Pete Haynes, Joe England and Robert Ciesla. Poetry by Joseph Ridgwell. Mash-Up Number 1. with Mr Fair’s Magic Lantern. A5, 52pp

Issue 2 

Human Punk Special produced for a Club Ska event remembering Malcolm Owen of The Ruts, held at the Rayners Inn. Guest appearance on the night from guitarist Paul Fox. A5, 36pp.

Issue 1  [SOLD OUT]

Fiction Without The Fuss – Boot Generation edition. A5, 52pp.

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