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Short Stories

Short stories have appeared is various publications and formats. Among these are Johnny Wayne Rocks in Songs From The Underground (2022), Friday Night, based around a series of pictures taken by the photographer Jaimie Macdonald (Hull International Photography Festival, 2017); See No Evil in the anthology More Raw Material (2015), a book published in honour of the novelist Alan Sillitoe; and Granny’s Letters, a translation printed in the French magazine Cheribibi (2018). 



Articles and reviews for newspapers and magazines, including the New Statesman (UK), Le Monde (France), and La Repubblica (Italy). John has a long-term interest in the alternative / small-press world, and before Verbal coedited and published Two Sevens. He has written for all the leading Chelsea fanzines from The Chelsea Independent to CFCUK, via Matthew Harding’s Blue And White Army



His novels have been translated in a number of countries, among them France, Italy, Russia, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. 


American editions

The Football Factory, Human Punk, Headhunters and White Trash have been published in the US by PM Press, based in California. These stylish American editions include specially written introductions by John – Come Running After You, Two Sevens Clash, In England’s Fair City and From Cradle To Grave respectively. 


French editions

Au Diable Vauvert is releasing John’s books in France, where eight of his ten novels have now been translated, most recently The Liberal Politics Of Adolf Hitler as Anarchy In The USE (2022). The company has published The Prison House, White Trash and Skinheads, as well as new editions of The Football Factory and England Away


London Classics

John edits the London Classics series, published by London Books, a company he co-owns with Martin Knight. The London Classics stand at fourteen titles, by authors such as Gerald Kersh, James Curtis, Simon Blumenfeld and Arthur La Bern. Each one comes with a new introduction by a contemporary author.


Human Punk

The 100 Club on Oxford Street, Central London, is home to the Human Punk nights John runs with Doctor Vinyl (aka DJ Andy Chesham of the Vinyl Revelations record shop). Their mission – to put punk at the heart of the city where it all began. CLICK BELOW TO ENTER.

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